The Salus Advantage

Salus Engineering International was founded based on two essential operating principles.

Salus Core Principles

Technical Excellence - First, to provide the highest quality equipment engineering safety services.

Flexibility - Second, to provide those engineering services in a flexible way in order to adapt to our clients’ unique needs.

Technical excellence is a core value of Salus Engineering International. Essential to this is hiring qualified personnel, providing extensive training and mentoring, and finally verifying that they are performing at the high level that is consistent with other established technical practitioners in the group. Equally vital aspects are continued technical development sessions, and ongoing intensive technical deliberations among the experienced technical practitioners within the group. Essential to this approach are the following three strategies. Together, these strategies have been combined to meet the challenges that come with evaluating large and complex equipment.

Experience has shown that the best way for Salus to use its expertise in a way that provides maximum benefit to our clients for minimum cost, is to adapt the particular client's needs and circumstances. Flexibility in the way we make our expertise available to our clients is critical. All organizations and projects are different, and by modifying our approach to account for these differences we increase the value we add to those projects.

Our group offers unique value to our clients by providing access to an integrated group of technical experts in all critical engineering disciplines, and by doing so in a flexible way in order to meet specific client needs. Salus Engineering International has assembled a comprehensive team of experts to support the highest quality technical evaluations. The key to good technical work is to integrate the efforts of these diverse technical experts into a single team effort with a consistently superior outcome.