Low Voltage and Machinery Directives

Compliance to the applicable European directives and application of the CE Mark is mandatory for shipment into Europe; for large industrial equipment, this means compliance to the Machinery and Low Voltage Directives. Salus Engineering International can support reviews to the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive, as well as compliance to the applicable harmonized standards. Critical to the group's support of equipment manufacturers is an understanding of both European requirements and of their application to complex industrial equipment. Traditional electrical and mechanical hazards are a central part of any essential health and safety review. However, chemical and radiation exposure issues and ergonomic concerns are also a vital element of these reviews.

Our team of professionals specializes in detailed harmonized standards review. A sound review to harmonized standards requires engineers who can quickly grasp complex designs and relate the requirements to them. Reviews that are well documented are a fundamental part of Salus Engineering International's program. No CE Marking program is complete without supporting technical construction files. We can assist equipment manufacturers in meeting these requirements.