The SEMI S2 Experts

SEMI S2 - Our Core Service

Salus Engineering International is the largest supplier of semiconductor equipment safety services in California's Silicon Valley. One of our core services includes SEMI S2 evaluations. We conduct evaluations and testing for semiconductor equipment worldwide to SEMI S2 "The Environment, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment".

Our SEMI S2 Competent Team

The full breadth of the group's expertise described below was developed to meet the challenges of complex equipment and help equipment manufacturers meet the requirements stated in the SEMI S2 guideline.

  • Safety Interlocks and Emergency Shutdown
  • Equipment Environmental Performance
  • Electrical Safety
  • Exhaust Ventilation
  • Fire Protection
  • Chemical Safety and Industrial Hygiene
  • Heated Chemical Baths
  • Non-Ionizing and Ionizing Radiation
  • Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Lasers
  • Hazardous Energy Isolation
  • Sound Pressure Levels
  • Mechanical Hazards and Automation
  • Hazard Warning Labels
  • Seismic Protection
  • Safety Documentation

Salus Engineering provides a team of experts to support the highest quality SEMI S2 evaluations, including certified professionals, electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers, as well as certified professional industrial hygienist, ventilation and environmental engineers.

A Leader in SEMI Standards

Our technical experts sit on several SEMI technical committees, subcommittees and task forces. We have the senior co-chair of SEMI North America EH&S Committee, which is the parent committee for SEMI S2 and most of SEMI S guidelines.

The SEMI S2 Guideline

The first unique aspect of SEMI S2 - it is driven by the end user and not the government. The guideline is being used as a risk management tool by the end user. Therefore, not all end users have the same SEMI S2 focus. The key to SEMI S2 compliance would be to have a SEMI S2 report, good understanding of the end user requirements and ensuring that the SEMI S2 compliance process is cost effective so as to keep the equipment cost down.

The second unique aspect of SEMI S2 - it is a totally comprehensive safety standard. It includes sections such as manuals, hazard warning labels, safety interlock systems, emergency shutdown, electrical and mechanical design, fire and seismic protection, chemicals, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and many more. It is broad and detailed to address the concerns of the industry.

The third unique aspect of SEMI S2 - it is an umbrella standard which requires the use of many other SEMI supporting standards including SEMI S1, S8, S22, S3, S14, S6, S12 and S13.

The fourth unique aspect of SEMI S2 - it requires global single fault analysis. Section 6.5 of the SEMI S2 guideline states that there should not be any reasonably forseeable single point failure that can expose personnel, facilities or the community to hazards which could lead to death, significant injury or equipment damage. This level of analysis is applied to the whole system with all the hazards present and it goes beyond meeting the requirements.

The fifth unique aspect of SEMI S2 - reports are substantial information documents. The SEMI S2 reports are intended to justify all conclusions reached: Conforms / Does Not Conform, test reports, supporting studies and detailed justifications. Detailed SEMI S2 reports present the company positively while weak SEMI S2 reports present the company poorly. Therefore, detailed SEMI S2 reports with detailed justifications are vital.

Why Salus Engineering Should Be Your Preferred SEMI S2 Service Provider

Salus Engineering International has the expertise within its integrated team of professionals to conduct evaluations and testing to the SEMI S2 guideline. An equipment designer's expertise is in equipment design for superior process. Salus Engineering's expertise is in fault and failure, and how to avoid the negative consequences that can result. This is why Salus Engineering is the preferred SEMI S2 service provider to some of the largest manufacturers of semiconductor equipment in the world.

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