Solar Equipment Safety

Solar continues to develop as a significant emerging industry that consists of complex industrial processes which are different from the semiconductor industry. Unlike the semiconductor industry which has its own set of SEMI Safety Guidelines, the solar industry has yet to have its own set of safety guidelines in-place. However, this does not mean that hazards do not exist in the way solar equipment handle hazardous energy, and the chemistries required for it to run its process. Industrial accidents that occur as a result of equipment fault or failure can be very costly, both monetarily and in terms of human suffering. The method to reduce the risk of serious accidents in solar manufacturing facilities is to adopt a customized program to suit business needs for optimized risk reduction.

Salus Engineering International has an interdisciplinary engineering team of experts with many years of training and experience in how complex industrial systems can fail and cause serious problems. With the many years of experience we have, our group is able to work with our clients in the solar industry to analyze the risks associated with their industrial process and develop a customized program that can have a major positive effect on reducing the risks associated with their industrial process. The customized program will optimize the amount of risk reduction for the least amount of cost possible to suit the business needs of our client.

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