Our core service at Salus Engineering International is to provide world class third-party evaluations to the SEMI S2 standard, "Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment."

Field Labeling

Many local electrical inspectors in the US require non-listed, complex, and unique industrial equipment to be field evaluated. Salus Engineering is approved by numerous state and local jurisdictions to provide this service.

CE Marking

Manufacturers selling products in Europe must carry out a conformity assessment, write a technical file and sign a declaration of conformity. Salus Engineering can assist with the assessment and technical file to the Low Voltage and Machinery Directives.

Product Safety Training

Salus Engineering International provides a full range of courses on design for safety compliance.

Online Training

Salus Engineering International is now offering a number of training courses online.

CDRH e-Filing

Complex manufacturing machinery with embedded hazardous lasers and/or sources of ionizing radiation sold in the USA is required to have documentation submitted to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Salus Engineering International is registered to make these submissions as e-filings on behalf of our clients. Preparation of the package dovetails with safety assessment, design review and industrial hygiene surveys because personnel protections including shielding and interlocking are essential in these systems.

Tracer Gas Testing

Testing in accordance with the SEMI S6 Methodology "Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Exhaust Ventilation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment" is an important part of the SEMI S2 evaluation of systems with flammable, pyrophoric or toxic gas. Tracer gas testing can also provide vital input into improving ventilation and exhaust systems.


Vendors selling to Seagate must comply with Seagate's safety requirements. Salus Engineering International was instrumental in supporting Seagate in setting up this program and we are one of the only Seagate approved equipment evaluators.

Engineering Risk Management

The Principals of Salus Engineering have extensive experience helping companies with a relatively new balance the cost of risk reduction with the potential cost of industrial accidents.

Energy Measurement

Salus Engineering is equipped to support manufacturers in conducting energy usage measurements and identifying areas for potential energy reduction.

Solar Equipment Safety

The solar industry does not yet have its own set of safety guidelines, however, this does not mean that hazards do not exist in the way solar equipment handles the hazardous energy and chemistries required for it to run. Salus Engineering has the experience necessary to help companies develop a customized program to reduce risk.

Salus Engineering also has the expertise to provide our clients with the following services:

  • Industrial Hygiene Evaluation
  • Electrical Safety / Compliance
  • Ventilation Testing
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Ergonomics Evaluation / Consultation
  • Lasers and Radiation Safety and CDRH filings
  • Robotics and Automation Evaluation

Salus Engineering has extensive knowledge and flexibility available to accommodate to your requirements - contact us to discuss your safety engineering needs.

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